Social Responsibility


We love all animals and can't even imagine a world without them. We have two rescued cats that we look after at our home (Sunny and Nom Nom - We introduced them in our About Us section), many cats that come and go to our office, and 8 cats that we constantly take care of at the office. We try to do our best with all the animals on the streets too but we want Chapters to do its fair share.

First of all we'd like to emphasize that all the Chapters products you buy are handmade using Vegan Leather. Vegan Leather is a leather like material which is not sourced from animals or animal related products. In short no animals are harmed for the leathers we use.

With every purchase of a Chapters product, we donate food for street animals or pay for their veterinary expenses in your name. At the end of each month, the collected amount is transferred to our animal loving volunteer, Gokce ( @voddiri ) which has devoted her life to taking care of street animals in need. You can also follow Gokce on Instagram and support her efforts. 

So actually, every planner you buy will be feeding 3 street dogs or 5 cats for one whole day♡